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Premium Products

SEO Redirection Premium

SEO Redirection Premium Plugin

SEO Redirection Premium is one of the best solutions to let setup redirects for your site and handling 404 errors easily

WP Content Protection Manager

Improve your website SEO by protecting your content from being copied to other sites. Protect your images from being saved and redistributed over Internet.

Advanced PHP Pagination Class

Advanced PHP Pagination Class

By this smart PHP class, you can generate dynamically a pagination for your site tables with just few lines of code and some settings.

Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics pro

Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics is a Counter and statistics plugin for WordPress to display your WordPress blog statistics and traffic

Responsive Metro Slider Pro

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider, Try using WordPress Touch Slider for your sites They’re so nice – quietly efficient, non-critical and amazing

WP Tree Pro

Vertical and Horizontal Tree pro (WP Tree) is a WordPress plugin to manage organisational structure in horizontal view and hierarchical view. A plugin that allows you to create multiple tree view with lots of customization

Free Products

WP Login Security and History WordPress Plugin

WP Login Security and History WordPress Plugin

Avoid  Brute-force and other attacks by using this plugin, it will show a CAPTCHA after a number of failed login trials, also keep track of who login to your site.

Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save

Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save

This plugin protects your content from steeling, it prevents content select and copy and also prevents images saving from context menu.

 As you now, when a page is removed from your site, or you followed a wrong link, the 404 page not found error appears to inform you that there is no page for this link, recently Google lunched it?s webmaster tools, and counts the 404 links for you, they use this number of 404 pages

All 404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin

Manage all 404 errors appearing in Web Master Tools panel, you can choose to redirect them permanently to homepage or any custom page you want.