vs PHP differences and what to choose

// vs PHP differences and what to choose vs PHP differences and what to choose

In this article, we will see the differences between the two popular web programming languages PHP and, we will see this with respect to cost and performance.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, it is a server side scripting language that is used by millions of developers over the world, it is easy to learn and it is free, there is a lot of frameworks built on PHP that you can use to rise the productivity and organize you work like Laravel, Flight, Yii, Medoo, CodeIgniter and Symfony, on the other hand we have by Microsoft, you can develop your web application from the visual studio environment, you can use the visual forms ans tool to build your forms and grids, in the next lines, we will see the differences.


It is an important criteria when choosing one of them, simply, PHP is free but is one of Microsoft commercial products, when you use one them, you will buy a hosting plan or a dedicated server to run your application, PHP can run on Linux servers and with MySQL database Management system, both of them are free, while works on Windows Server and SQL Server which are not free products.

we conclude that in terms of cost, PHP is better than


The performance of the web application relies on the performance of OS and Database Management system used, if we look to OS used in both, we found that PHP mostly uses Linux which is better than Windows Server that is used by, additionally PHP with MySQL combination is better performance than ASP.NET with MSSQL.

So in terms of performance we have seen than PHP is the winner.

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