If you have a website, you might thought before to change it’s look to make it easy to navigate , the ease of navigation of any website will keep your visitors in your site moving from page to page, this will increase the probability to buy one of your products, click on any ads on your pages or may interested in your site and save it in his favorites,  so he will back again and again, the most essential part of your design to achieve high page views per visitors in your site will be the drop down or sliding menus.

If your website is a WordPress based, you have to find a plugin to build these menus,  Mega Main Menu is one of the most professional plugins in this field, though it is not free like others, but it worth much more it’s price, nothing is forgotten to be done in this plugin, just imagine any menu on your site, and by few mouse clicks it will be done, in the next few lines, we will summarize it’s features.

Mega Main Menu WordPress plugin features

  • Designed to be responsive for any device and cross browser.
  • It has a powerful capabilities, for example you can add vector icons in menus, images, maps or search fields.
  • It can match you site colors, this is thanks to it’s sophisticated color picker, you can use flat or gradient colors.
  • It supports Google Fonts, this will enable you to choose a special font to your menu.
  • Great support that will help to solve any issue.