Best popup plugin for wordpress : Ninja Popups

Sometimes you need to show something as popup in your wordpress-based site, you may want your visitors to make some action when they arrive you site, example of this is subscribing to your mailing list, or showing your facebook page link ….,  if you are a programmer, there is no need for any plugins, just [...]

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Support us to continue freeware coding

We exhaust most of our time and efforts developing Freeware code as a gift to anyone, if you wanna show us your appreciation, you can donate us!   Our Latest Free Code: All 404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin Prevent Content Copy & Image Save WP login security and history wordpress plugin We are now developing [...]

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What is the best seo plugin for wordpress?

As you know, if you want to make your site appears in the first results in search engines, you have to optimize it, simply we can say making it SEO. If your site created using WordPress blog, you need simply to find a plugin that do this task, and make your site SEO, here I [...]

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