WooCommerce Auto-complete Virtual Orders from on-hold Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the most amazing WordPress plugins, it helps you to sell your products on your site, I used the latest version of WooCommerce to sell my digital virtual products, the problem was, after the payment is done, the order goes to on-hold status, the download links are not sent to the customer in this order status, it waits me to manually complete the order, this will make my customers confused about the download links, and they will contact me after paying to ask me about where to download the product they ordered, this made a stress for me, so I developed this simple plugin to do the job automatically.

WooCommerce autocomplete virtual orders from on-hold plugin simply keeps track of orders, if any order goes to on-hold status, it will automatically converts it to completed, this will result in sending emails that may contains download links to the buyer.

This plugin has no control panel, once you activate it, it will be functional, if you want to stop it, just deactivate it from plugins control panel.

You can download this plugin from the following links and install it to your WordPress website as the following:

  1. Login to your WordPress control panel to go to Plugins page.
  2. Click on the link “Add New”.
  3. Choose the link “upload”.
  4. Browse the plugin zip file “woocommerce-autocomplete-wordpress-plugin.zip” and click “Install”.
  5. Click on “Activate” link to get the plugin activated.

Download this plugin by clicking here.

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