Import Redirects


In SEO Redirection Premium you can import a bunch of redirects stored in a CSV file on your computer.

How to Import Redirects?

Open the tab “Export/Import” you will see two sections, the first is for exporting redirects and the other is for importing redirects, we will use the import form seen below:

How to Import Redirects

Choose the file you need to import and then choose the group where to save it, you can skip the first row in the file as it is the column titles, finally choose the rule for the duplicate redirects and click import button.

The imported file format

Many clients contacted us and ask for the CSV file format, you can simply export an empty file you will see the format, any way you can download the file format from here.

The file columns are as the following (in the same order):

  1. redirect_from (Required): The source link
  2. redirect_to (Required): The target
  3. redirect_type (Required):  The redirect type 301,302 or 307
  4. redirect_from_type: The type of source link, can be Page, Folder, Regex ….
  5. redirect_from_folder_settings: If the source link is Folder, this is field can be:
    • 1: Only the folder.
    • 2: The folder and it’s content.
    • 3:  Only the folder content.
  6. redirect_from_subfolders: To include the subfolders, can be:
    • 0: Include subfolders.
    • 1: Do not include subfolders.
  7. redirect_to_type: The type of target, can be Page, Folder.
  8. redirect_to_folder_settings: To make wildcard redirect or not, can be:
    1. 0: Normal redirect.
    2. 1: Wildcard redirect.
  9. regex: To store the regex.


  1. Only the first three columns are required, you may make a file with 3 columns and upload it.
  2. It is recommended to use Google Sheets to build CSV files, if you used another tool and have problems, please try to open the file using Google Sheets and just re-save it to correct the file format.


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