Too many 404 errors

Some times many 404 errors appear in Discovered 404 Errors tab, most of them may targeted to /wp-content/ folder, and you may see in these links some plugin names that you have not ever installed, look at the countries of these error links, you may find them Russian Federation, Ukraine, .. if this happened with you, your site is under the brute force attack, attackers are trying to check if you installed specific plugins with bugs to find a way to penetrate your site , see the following screenshot:

404 hacking

You have to know that you can not stop those attackers from accessing your website, but your turn is to make sure that your site is secure, make a valid permissions on the folder /wp-content/, you may install a security plugin.

To prevent these error from appearing in this screen and allow only normal 404 links, please go to the tab 404 Rules and add a rule for the folder /wp-content/ as the following example:

wp-content rule

Note: This article is for Premium version , with respect to PRO and Free versions there will be separate articles soon.

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