Why having the red message “Seems to be invalid, Click here”?


You may have the red message “Seems to be invalid, Click here”, this will appear due to the following cases:

If you are using an absolute URL not starting the same as your site URL, for example letters Case or missing letters.

If you are using relative URL and not including the character “/”, this will lead to invalid redirect, so, you have to include the absolute URL including http:// or the relative URL starting with “/”.

If you may wanted to redirect a link or a group of links from the old site old.com to the current site current.com where the plugin is currently installed, for example you tried to add the link old.com/page1.html to current.com/pages1 but nothing happened,  this is a logical issue, you can not do that because the plugin is not installed on old.com so it will not detect the links on old.com, suppose that someone added in his site a redirect from google.com/search to current.com, you think that this redirect will work and this guy will have all the traffic on google.com to his site? it does not make sense.

What can do to make this redirect?

There is two cases that you may have:

  1. The source site is a WordPress site, this will makes the issue so easy to resolve, just install another copy of the plugin on the source site and add the redirect there, so the plugin can detect the source link and redirect to where ever you want.
  2. The source site is not a WordPress site or HTML, in this case you have a to make a .htaccess file and upload it to the root folder of the source site, to make your htaccess file you may see the following resources:

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