Wildcard Redirect

What is Wildcard Redirect?

Wildcard redirect is a type of redirect can be used to redirect a folder and all it’s content to another with identical filenames, for example if the two directories are /products/ and /new-products/ then link /products/my-wp-pugins/seo-redirection.htm will be redirected to /new-products/my-wp-pugins/seo-redirection.htm note that the part my-wp-pugins/seo-redirection.htm is used in the destination, without using Wildcard it will be redirected to /new-products/.

How to make wildcard Redirect?

Go to the tab Redirect Manager>>Redirects and click add new, choose the redirect from and the redirect to from type Folder and beside redirect to text box choose Wildcard Redirect instead of Normal as the following screenshot:

wildcard redirect

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