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Excel to MySQL Smart Converter


Main features

  • It supports all versions of MS Excel and MySQL database.
  • It is not a matter the MySQL is installed on Unix ot Windows operating system, running local or remote on a server over the internet.
  • It does not need any type of MySQL connectors or drivers to be installed, it connects directly to MySQL database.
  • You can put the output in a dump file that can be imported by any MySQL client like phpmyadmin.
  • You can choose to transfer the output directly to a MySQL database.
  • It is easy to use.
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By using this smart application you can convert any MS Excel file sheet directly to MySQL table with just some few mouse clicks.


Excel to MySQL Converter - start screen
Excel to MySQL converter start screen, choosing the output form.

Excel to MySQL Converter - Building Tables
Building Tables

Excel to MySQL Converter - Building Fields
Building Fields

Excel to MySQL Converter - Choosing Server and Database
Choosing Server and Database

Excel to MySQL Converter - Processing
Excel to MySQL Converter – Processing

Excel to MySQL Converter - Finish Window
Excel to MySQL Converter – Finish Window


  1. Run the application, you will see the screenshot(1), which allows you  to choose your file to be converted, it will list the sheets in this file to select one of them, the final option is to choose the how the result will treated, as a dump file or to transfer it directly to your MySQL Database, click “next” button to proceed.
  2. In this form you can modify the resultant table structure as seen in screenshot(2), after completing your modification click “next”.
  3. In this stage, if you have chosen the result as a dump file, you will be asked choose the path you wana to save the file in it, if you have chosen to transfer the result directly to MySQL Database, you will be asked to input your server login info and select the desired database, after that click the button “next”.
  4. The conversion process will begin here, a progress bar will show you the progress of the conversion process, after completing, the final message will appear to tell a report a bout the process.

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System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 98 or later
CPU: Pentium 233 or faster
RAM: 32 MB or more
Free Space: 50MB  or more
MS Excel installed

Excel to MySQL converter Demo version
License type: Demo
File Size: 1.39MB
File Format: Zip Compressed.

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