After the appearance of jQuery library, we saw many powerful sliders with amazing effects, now we will show one of professional sliders that can be used to create attractive image galleries or to promote you featured posts in your site and make them the most visible content to your visitors, this WordPress plugin is not free, but it worth much more it’s price, it has an amazing control panel that is easy to use, below we will see the most important features it.


  1. It has a cross browser responsive SEO friendly  design that will adapt with any device browser, additionally, it has more than layout .
  2. It supports touch navigation smoothly when it is used by a device that has a touchscreen
  3. It’s control panel has an advanced GUI, like drag and drop controls to build your sliders.
  4. Fast, very smooth effects and lazy load handling.
  5. You can choose from 13 attractive skins and 3 navigation types available.

below there is a link for live preview of this slider, see what can this slider plugin do on your pages …