As you know, if you want to make your site appears in the first results in search engines, you have to optimize it, simply we can say making it SEO.

If your site created using WordPress blog, you need simply to find a plugin that do this task, and make your site SEO, here I will show you one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins that I used, All in One SEO Pack is a free WordPress plugin that can do the job, it is powerful and easy to use plugin.

in the next lines we will discuss the functions of this plugin:

Posts and Pages titles, description and Keywords

when you install All In One Seo Pack, an additional box will appears when you add a new post or page as shown in the next figure(1), this will rewrite the post title, buy this feature you can make a title for you post, and another title for Google and other search engines, in addition page description and keywords meta data will be added.

figure(1): Posts and Pages titles, description and Keywords

Plugin Control panel settings:

If you want to change varius settings and make use of all plugin features, go to setting menu and choose “All In One Seo Pack”, the setting form will appear to you as the following in figure(2).

figure(2): setting form.

The these settings concentrate on Home Page Title and Meta data, Titles in general, custom post types, display and webmaster settings, Google settings, no index settings and some advanced settings.

I recommend to install this plugin for every WordPress plugin to enhance it’s SEO, which can rise the number of visitors exponentially.

You can read more and download the plugin from the following URL: