As we know Brute-force attacks can be applied to any encrypted data or any login from, it is a mechanism to guess your password by trial and error,  so your password must be hard to be guessed by anyone, you can achieve that when your password contains letters (Capital and small), numbers and special characters,by this plugin we add additional security layer to your login page by preventing trial and error mechanism and limiting the login trials to a specific times, after that a page blocker for some period of time will be fired, the Captcha also will prevent bots to access your login from.


  1. Captcha on the login form, it can prevent automated login process by bots to bypass the login form.
  2. You can display Captcha after any number of failed trials or you can set it to shown always.
  3. In addition to Captcha, there is an option to set a page blocker after any number of failed logins, you can set the period of time to unlock the page.
  4. All Login and Logout actions is saved to a full history in details like IP, Country, OS, Browser, User type or Time.


WP Login Security and History WordPress Plugin

Download the plugin from: